28 April 2009

I say this not cause they seem to be struggling with the bulls, They went to 7 games in all 3 rounds of the playoffs last year so they are right on track from last year. This year though people have their number and they are banged up a bit like the lakers were.

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2 December 2008

Well, it's done. Brady Quinn, in what could be called an "I-learned-my-lesson" move, is having surgery on his broken finger and will be off of it for about ten weeks.  On the plus side, he should be good again to sign autographs when the next auto show rolls through the I-X Center.

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21 February 2008

He will likely start this season at AA Portland and is at least a year and a half away from the majors.

Michael Bowden

Bowden is a big (6-3, 220 lbs) right handed power pitcher with big strikeout potential. He great command of the plate and throws a low to mid 90's fastball with movement, slider, 12-6 curve and changeup. The slider is his next best pitch and the curve and changeup still need to be developed. Bowden also needs to learn to how to mix his pitches as he has relied on his fastball to heavily in the past. He has consistently posted high strikeout numbers through the minors, but started to get hit more when he moved up to AA last summer. That is where he will likely start the season and could move up to AAA this summer and is probably a couple of years from the majors.

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